Datsik – Release Me (MUST DIE! Remix)

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Must Die datsik remix

MUST DIE! is a 21 year-old producer from Atlanta who has taken a recent rise to glory since only starting in 2011. Since then he has brought us pure fire on such all-star record labels as Mad Decent, Ultra, and Firepower. His most recent spotlight was his remix of ‘The Drop’ by Bro Safari which was featured on Krewella Troll Mix 4. This newest remix of Datsik’s track ‘Release Me’ is no different than his previous fire. The low to high cuts on this tune as well as the lazers he pops off in our face are astounding. I cannot wait to see what is in store for this young artist. Enjoy.

Datsik – Release Me (MUST DIE! Remix) :

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Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Brand Blank Remix)

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brand blank bob marley remix

Although I cannot find much info on this artist or even the song, all I know is that this remix is incredible and by far the best dubstep remix I have ever heard of any Bob Marley track. One of my best friends Eman is constantly jamming out to this tune and I couldn’t let it go unposted. Sorry I don’t have much information on this one but it surely won’t disappoint. Enjoy these stellar wobbles!

Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Brand Blank Remix) :

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Loadstar – Refuse to Love

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There are few things I love more in a track than piano, vocals, or classic drum and bass sound. Pair that with Loadstar’s deep synth and you get an amazing tune like Refuse to Love. I’ll be seeing them perform at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore this June and I’m beyond excited to catch them in the US. As of today you can pre-order this UK duo’s new album, Future Perfect, set to release May 27th, so be sure to check out previews of their new songs on SoundCloud. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Loadstar – Refuse to Love :

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Eptic – Mastermind EP

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eptic mastermind ep

Eptic was one of the first producers that b good and I found an interest in because of his wide spectrum of sounds. He has brought us some solid tunes like ‘Ninja Challenge’ and ‘Like A Boss’. His latest EP is also pure fire so we had to share it with you. Eptic has started to use some newer sounds very similar to that of Pendulum which is always a plus, but he has still stuck with the roots of his prior crunchy tracks. The ‘Mastermind EP’ also features Virus Syndicate which is a group comprised of a number of producers from the UK. Enjoy.

Eptic – Mastermind EP :

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Modestep – Inside My Head EP

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Modestep is a UK live dubstep band which gained international fame a few years back with “Sunlight” which permeated the internet and heavily influenced the emergence of dubstep. Since then they have been hard at work solidifying their position as innovators of the livetronica genre; from a passionate “Paradise” by Coldplay cover, a full-length album released just months ago (Evolution Theory) and even their own US tour, Modestep continues to make huge ripples in the EDM pond. As if the aforementioned wasn’t enough, we were graced last week with a 3-song EP entitled “Inside My Head“. The EP features an original track, a collaboration with Teddy Killers and a remix of the Ryan Keen track “All This Time”. We’ve got all three innovative tracks available for free, full streaming. You can catch Modestep’s innovative live-dubstep at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Reading Festival, and Creamfields.

Modestep – Inside My Head EP:

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Hirshee – Spark the Flare EP

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It has been awhile since we have heard any Beatport chart topping hits from Hirshee. This Canadian artist must have been hard at work in the studio mixing up the bass because the forthcoming ‘Spark The Flare’ EP consisting of the following two tracks is fire, or ‘Fire on Ice’ if you will. Fortunately Play Me Records has uploaded both full tracks on their soundcloud, unlike the usual preview clips. Enjoy!

Hirshee – Spark the Flare EP :

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Flux Pavilion – I Still Can’t Stop

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flux I still cant stop

I’m not really sure why we didn’t just post the entire ‘Blow The Roof’ EP as soon as it was released but over time it has really grown on us. ‘I Still Can’t Stop’ is no exception and is of course a remix of his classic tune ‘I Can’t Stop’. Flux adds the perfect pauses into this one and makes yet another certified banger. Enjoy.

Flux Pavilion – I Still Can’t Stop :

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MaxNRG – Hide Away My Heart

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Generally I shy away from posting a preview clip from a track but in the case of this banger I could not wait to share it. MaxNRG is a Ukrainian drum & bass producer who is signed with Technique Recordings alongside artists like Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, and L Plus. The vocals on this track are huge; I cannot wait for the full release on May 12th. Enjoy!

MaxNRG – Hide Away My Heart :

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Paper Diamond – Waste My Time (feat. J Fresh)

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paper diamond paragon ep

After seeing Paper Diamond a couple of times now, I can definitely say he knows how to drop it. His newest EP, titled ‘Paragon’ was released completely for free just a couple of days ago. ‘Waste My Time’ was my favorite song off of the album because of its great mix of trap and dubstep. Be sure to check out the rest of the album as well. Hope you enjoy.

Paper Diamond – Waste My Time (feat. J Fresh):

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Stan SB – Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix)

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Liquicity supplies the greatest liquid drum and bass tunes in the land. But with Maduk being so heavily represented on their YouTube channel it is often hard to tell if the track is going to be just so-so or quite exceptional. This one obviously is on the exceptional end of things, a remix of the young producer Stan SB. It seems like every artist these days is very young but posses some incredible talent, Stan from the UK also performs a live show with a guitarist and drummer. Enjoy!

Stan SB – Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix) :

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